Allie Says

A Layout for a New, Realistic TV Drama


Allie Says is a realistic television drama that I have been working on for many years.
It is intended to be a family show, that displays many life lessons.

Please start from the bottom when reading!


Thirteen year old Allie McCallum is living along the Chesapeake Bay of Maryland with her Catholic family. Her younger sister, Ava, is 8; her mother, Shelley, is a homemaker, and her dad, Michael, is an emergency room doctor and a workaholic.

The show displays Allie, her immediate family, and a few close friends, facing challenges that occur in the world today. Issues discussed include anxiety, infidelity, bullying, teen pregnancy, & abuse, as well as some more fun topics like cooking, all with a Catholic perspective, though not all the characters always agree with the Catholic viewpoint!


The name Allie Says is completely subject to change, & I WANT FEEDBACK!!! About the name, where else I should post, IF YOU LIKE IT and want more, etc.! PLEASE COMMENT!

I am still working on future seasons so more realistic, important issues will be discussed!  I just wanted to get this posted somewhere on the Internet.