7.  Have Mercy                                                   Thursday, August 28, 2014
Jana is in labor, and has been for almost 24 hours!  She’s had pain medication, so she’s feeling OK, but she is only 4 cm. dilated, and her doctor says she needs a C-section, as a result of her not progressing, and the fact that her baby is very large.  Jana has read horror stories about C-sections, and doesn’t want one, so she calls Michael.  After Shelley’s experience though, and with Jana clearly having a large baby, he recommends C-section.  At 11:01 PM on Thursday, August 28, Kaylee Jade Weinstein is born via C-section, with daddy Nathan by her side, and weighs in at 9 lb. 1 oz.

Meanwhile, across the hospital, Emma and Allie sit with Noah, hoping he will wake up.  His father is being investigated, but currently, he is also allowed to sit with his son.



8. With or Without You                             Wednesday, September 3, 2013

Jana is having a hard time adjusting to life with Kaylee.  Nathan is rarely ever around, and when he is, he reeks of a disgusting habit he picked up– smoking! Or wants to go out for more!  Jana’s taken to coffee, but that won’t kill her!  It’s particularly difficult on Jana since she just had major surgery and is in a lot of pain, and is breastfeeding! Luckily, Jana has a good friend (Allie) that has some baby experience and is willing to help!

Meanwhile, Noah is awake and is doing well.  His dad has been arrested for attempted murder, but Noah says he doesn’t remember what happened.  Noah will live with his mom’s parents (mom died of cancer) when he is released from the hospital later in the week, but she lives in a different school district, and Noah does not want to change schools.  He tries to convince her to move into their house.  She agrees they can try it.

Also, Ava really wants a cartilage piercing, and tries asking Michael.  But he knows she would have asked her mother first, and she gets grounded!



9.  What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger                                        Tuesday, October 14, 2014
The attempted murder charges against Noah’s dad were dropped, because of a technicality.  He still can’t see Noah, but Noah still isn’t convinced he hurt him. To keep his mind off his father, Jana asks Noah (Nathan’s friend), who is a computer wiz, to hack Nathan’s Facebook.  He hasn’t been around for her or Kaylee, and it’s been 6 weeks!  Jana wants to know why.   He’s not working construction at 9 PM!   She finds out what she has long suspected; he is cheating on her.  She calls Nathan, and leaves a message saying their relationship is over.  Jana isn’t sure how she will manage being a single parent, but Allie helps, and she doesn’t need someone who doesn’t want to be with her in her life.  Emma feels bad for Jana, and they decide to give being friends another shot.

Meanwhile, Ava just has to get the cartilage piercing!  Despite needing a tutor last year because of the school she missed, she is really smart and she decides to let some students copy her homework—for a price!  Also, Owen has his 6 month wellness check up and gets a bunch of vaccines.  He develops a fever and rash after returning home, and Shelley’s sure this is a vaccine reaction.  He’s had all but the flu shot before, but there’s no way to know for sure!  Shelley considers not vaccinating Owen any longer since he seems to be sensitive, and researches the consequences.  She finds that herd immunity usually helps children that cannot be vaccinated, though there has been some return of disease with the anti-vaccination movement.  But she doesn’t really need to make a decision until Owen’s 9 month visit.


10.  Back in the Saddle Again                       Saturday, October 18, 2014
It’s Homecoming, and it’s going to be a ball with Allie, Emma, Noah, Marcus, Jack, and Jana!  Allie & Emma convinced her to come, since she will be going back to work soon, and Nathan’s mom agreed to watch Kaylee!   It ends up being a very fun football game and dance with friends, with a little twist!  Marcus asks Allie to slow dance with her, and he clearly likes her!  Jana leaves early to pick up Kaylee, but she had a great time with friends!  Nathan’s mom discusses Jana’s plans for going back to work, and asks her if she would like her to watch Kaylee on the weekends when she works,  and when she works on the weeknights, since Nathan has been less than reliable.  She was a single mom herself, before meeting and marrying her husband.  Jana is extremely thankful.

Jennifer (Jen) Ann Weinstein (Isabel Gillies) was born on May 5, 1968.  She is Nathan’s mom.  Nathan was born to her and her ex-husband when she
was 30.  They got divorced though, leaving her a single mom, until she
remarried 10 years later.  Nathan and Jen changed their  last name when Jen

Additionally, Shelley still wants another baby, and is upset when she gets her period, and is not pregnant.  Also, Ava gets her cartilage pierced.


11.  Eye of the Tiger                                                    Thursday, October 23, 2014
Noah starts having flashbacks of the incident that landed him in the hospital.  At first he can only remember the pain he endured, but in talking with a school social worker, he able to realize his dad really did seriously injure him.  The social worker believes that Noah is exhibiting PTSD, and thinks testifying against his father will help him.
Meanwhile, Jana goes back to work, with Jen watching Kaylee.  Nathan’s communication with Jana about Kaylee has been sporadic, so she is very grateful for Jen!  Especially when Jen tells her she will keep Kaylee until 930 PM so Jana can have a little time for herself! (Jana work 430-7 PM on 3 weeknights, and 7.75 hours on weekends, for a total of 23 hours a week– the minor maximum.)  Jana decides to try out a group fitness class studio, just down the street from her job, since she has had no time to focus on losing her baby weight!  And the class, called Insanity, definitely does the trick!  Jana will definitely be going back for more!  

Also, Marcus and Allie have been talking a lot, and he finally asked her out!  But Emma notices that Jack seems upset about the two of them getting together.  Apparently he liked Allie too!  Additionally, Ava’s teacher notices that a classmate’s assignment is identical to hers.  Ava tries to lie, but she’s no good at it, and gets detention!


12.   Love                                                        Monday, November 17, 2014
Jana has been taking fitness classes for a few weeks, and has lost a ton of weight!!!  She tries to work out every day, doing Barre on early Monday mornings while Kaylee is still sleeping, with her mom keeping an eye out, P90X on Tuesday evenings with Jen watching Kaylee for an hour (Jana’s day off), Pilates Wednesday evening with Jen watching Kaylee for an hour (day off), Insanity on Thursdays after work, TRX early Friday mornings with her mom keeping a listen while Kaylee sleeps, HIIT & Core Saturday morning before work, and Yoga on Sunday evenings after work.  When Jana got pregnant, her mom said she would never babysit, but now that Jana is a single mom, she feels obligated to help her occasionally, but never financially. But now that Jana is becoming a billboard for fitness, her trainer tries to talk her into becoming an instructor, and Jana is definitely interested!  However, when she does a little more research she finds you must be 18 to be an instructor, and Jana’s only 15!  But there seems to be no age requirement for TRX, and Jana plans to save some money to become a TRX instructor.  Jana’s trainer tells her she may be able to teach other courses with the certification, such as Strength and Balance, Tabata, or HIIT.

Meanwhile, Shelley misses her period and takes a pregnancy test.  She is happy to see that she is finally pregnant again!  Also, Allie and Marcus love spending every minute with each other, and making out with each other!  Allie has even told him he loves her, and he said it back!  Emma is afraid Allie will cross the line with him, and discusses it with her.  Additionally, Noah prepares to testify against his father in court.