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5. Summertime                                                   Thursday, August 21, 2014   
The girls spend the last week of summer vacation, after returning from vacation with grandma, sleeping in, spending time with friends, and going to the beach.  Emma particularly likes spending time with her new boyfriend Noah, and he’s brought his friend Marcus a lot who Allie befriends. But Emma’s noticed some weird habits about Noah that she isn’t sure what to think of.  He doesn’t like to swim, and is always wearing long sleeves.  Also, Emma touched his stomach on accident, and he roused in pain.  Emma thinks someone is hurting him, and discusses it with Shelley.  They decide that Emma needs to ask Noah, and he admits he got into a fight with his dad, but refuses to show her.  Shelley and Emma aren’t sure what to do, without making him mad, if he doesn’t want help.

Marcus Alexander Wilson was born on December 15, 1997.  He is overweight, and a friend of Noah’s, who Allie also befriends.

Meanwhile, Jana is 36 weeks pregnant, and her baby is already 7 pounds!  Her doctor says there’s no reason to induce her yet, but Jana’s had enough!  She’s heard exercise can cause labor, so she tries walking, although that’s hard for her with her swollen feet and ankles!  She also tries to do squats, though that isn’t easy either! She ultimately meets up with Allie, and tries swimming, convinced she will be pregnant forever.



6. Back to School                                      Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Allie & Emma start high school, and Ava starts 4th grade.  Michael is also back at work. Ava experiences anxiety on her first day, and Shelley hopes they are not reverting to old patterns.  But this year is different!  Ava has Zackary, and her cheerleading friends, so once she gets to school, she is fine!  Emma gets upset when her teacher calls her Emma Espinoza, since her last name is now McCallum. Allie befriends a classmate with a bad reputation. Rumor has it he witnessed his dad kill someone, and tried to commit suicide last year. But the McCallums don’t listen to rumors, and Allie thinks he seems nice.  Noah also doesn’t show up for the first day of school, and Emma worries about him. 

Jack Jasper Johnson was born September 20, 1999.  He is obese,  and has a reputation for being “bad” or troubled, but Allie befriends him.

Jana also tries to continue her online schooling, but at 38 weeks pregnant, she can’t focus. She ends up researching the Jewish culture, and realizes it is something she could see herself, and her daughter being a part of.  Still unable to focus, Jana researches other ways to go into labor.  She doesn’t want to try laxatives, because that’s just silly, but loves spicy food so she’s happy to try that one!  She orders hot & sour soup with Hunan beef, but that doesn’t do the trick.  She’s also read that bananas have potassium, which can stimulate labor, but she tries that also and it doesn’t work, so she asks Nathan to pick up Moe’s for dinner with lots of jalapenos.  She finds out Nathan does not like spicy food, and unfortunately, it still doesn’t do the trick.  Jana also read that sex and orgasm is a foolproof way to go into labor, but she wasn’t sure Nathan would go for it.  He does, and Jana goes into labor.

Additionally, Ava’s friends did some things over summer vacation!  One got her cartilage pierced, and one got her belly button!!  Ava asks Shelley to get her cartilage pierced when she gets home, and Shelley says yes, if she can pay for it.  The girls get allowance, but that’s at least a month’s allowance! 

Also, after not hearing from him all day, which has never happened since they started talking, Emma calls her dad to find out if something has happened to him.  Michael finds out Noah is in the hospital, after allegedly falling down the stairs and hitting his head.  He needed surgery for a brain bleed, but his prognosis is good, even though he hasn’t woken up yet.  Emma begs her dad to do something, since she is sure his dad is to blame, but Noah’s doctor, who found bruises all over his body as well, started an investigation, and they must just wait and see.