15. What a Wonderful World                       Friday, January 10, 2014
Shelley is anxious to find out the sex of the babies, and it’s finally the day!  Unfortunately Michael doesn’t make it, but Emma, Allie, & Ava are there is to cheer her on. And what they find out is truly perfect- one boy, one girl! Guess its half pink half blue! Or for the room Shelley is anxious to get started on, half magenta & half ocean blue! Now they need names! What about Mia, Olivia, Sophia, Izabel???  Jackson, Aidan, Owen, Oliver??? Shelley asks the girls to make a list of their two favorite boy and two favorite girl names for her & Michael to consider. She tries to teach the girls that the best decisions aren’t made quickly; they take time.

After the appointment, the family gets pizza; a rarity in the Mahogany house! At dinner, which Michael surprising makes it to, (pizza is his favorite!) Emma announces she wants to change her last name. She’s been thinking about it for some time, and after reading about her mother and thinking about it some more, she’s sure! Ava also experiences stomach pains after dinner, leading Shelley to believe her pains are food related. Ava saw a doctor about her stomach, but with her history of anxiety, he was adamant that was the cause. Additionally, Jana tries to get back in the McCallum family’s good graces, but she not even going to church anymore, and the differences just seem like too much! 

16. Cooking for the Weekend              Friday, January 24, 2014    
Allie & Emma started a cooking class after Christmas break, and Emma just can’t get the hang of it. Allie’s helped with the family cooking for years, but Emma never has. Luckily Shelley’s an expert cook and she’s willing to help them learn!  And cooking starts with grocery shopping on Friday afternoon, after Ava’s appointment for her stomach, with a nutritionist (Lisa Edelstein).  The nutritionist feels that her symptoms, including her anxiety, are a result of gluten intolerance. Shelley isn’t sure she believes it, but it’s worth a try!  But gluten free cooking eliminates a lot of things Shelley uses, so it will definitely be a challenge, not only for Emma!  The nutritionist also recommends Ava eliminate white rice and white potatoes, as they can cause inflammation, which can cause more problems, as well as corn, oat, and nut products to find out if she can tolerate it; the nutritionist also recommends limiting sugar. 
First up on the menu is breakfast for dinner!!  Scrambled eggs with Sargento Vermont Sharp White Cheddar cheese, peppers and onions (not too many so picky Allie can take them out!), sausage, ham, strawberries, and sweet potatoes– for those who like them!  Tomorrow, the girls will make chicken & rice soup (not white rice!)!  Sunday’s dinner will be mini-stuffed peppers with lots of meat & cheese!  Luckily, Ava loves eggs, so breakfast is easy, and she isn’t very picky when it comes to dinner!  But she finds cooking very boring!  Emma also finds she loves the low-carb meal plans because it’s all really good food!  Her and her mom always ate take out and pizza!  Allie finds she truly loves cooking and may consider it as a career, though she finds herself craving pasta and sweets!