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1.     Here We Go Again                                             Saturday, May 17, 2014

Owen is still in the hospital but doing well.  Michael blames himself for Olivia’s death, as he told Shelley she didn’t need a C-section; they are overused!  Shelley can’t over losing her baby girl.

Meanwhile, Allie has been helping Jana with her baby registry, and to plan her baby shower, and it’s today!  Allie has found she loves party planning, and it’s keeping her mind busy!  Jana and Nathan decided to have it early so they could do a gender reveal, and find out they are having a baby girl!  Shelley is very upset when she hears.  Now Jana and Nathan need to figure out names!  Regardless, they get most of necessary items for their baby girl, and still have plenty of time to get a few other miscellaneous items.

Also, Emma continues to talk to a guy she met online.  Their relationship has become romantic, and he has even told her she loves him!  But they haven’t met, or even talked on the phone!!!  And he lives in Florida.  Her dad and Allie warn her he may be lying.  Ava also continues to date Zackary.  They are the same age, have a few classes together, have strong Catholic values, and love hanging out with each other!  Supervised at each other’s houses of course!



2.  School’s Out for the Summer                      Monday, June 16, 2014
Owen has been in the hospital for over 9 weeks, and today he finally gets to come home!  And it’s going to definitely be a change of pace because the girls are out of school for the summer!  But ultimately, the girls are much more helpful than Shelley expected over their summer vacation, and Shelley also lets Jana get some parenting experience, so it’s much easier then Shelley remembers being a new mom was before!  But Shelley still can’t over losing her baby girl, and ultimately, she ends up telling Michael she wants to try for another baby, that will hopefully be a girl.  Michael isn’t sure if that is the best discussion and instead, gets a dog.  Ava and Allie are extremely excited, but the family finds out Emma isn’t a dog fan.  However, this dog is very sweet, and Michael vows to train him properly since he’s been taking his accrued vacation time since Olivia died, so Emma quickly comes around.  And Michael asks Emma to name the dog since she only got a middle name with the babies.  She choices Oakley.  Oakley– the French bulldog mix!

Also, pregnant Jana suffers from embarrassing lactation at work, gestational diabetes, swollen legs and feet, and being exhausted after working so many hours on her feet, and Nathan is no where to be found! He says he’s working, but Jana worries he may be with someone else, though he is saving a lot of money for their baby. 



3. Don’t Stop Believin                                          Wednesday, July 9, 2014 
The girls have their annual physicals for school.  Allie and Ava see a new nurse practitioner (Keiko Agena), Kim Yang, since the doctor they saw in the past didn’t find Ava’s Celiac disease and suggested birth control for a Catholic 8 year old.  Emma sees a different male doctor, Dr. Patel, that she has seen all her life and loves. When they arrive at the office, Shelley is embarrassed to find out that she is not listed as Emma’s guardian and that Emma’s last name has not be changed, despite it having been legally changed through the courts, but Dr. Patel knows Emma.  In her appointment, the doctor questions Emma about stress, anxiety, and depression, since she has had a lot going on this year; she lost a sister, she lost her mother in a sense, and she gave up a kidney!  Emma is extremely upbeat though, and appreciative for what she has.  The same conversion occurs with Allie and Ava since they also lost a sister.  A discussion about the HPV shot also occurs with the new doctor.  Emma has already had it, but Shelley will not allow Allie and Ava to get it.  Shelley is happy that the new doctor is understanding of their Catholic values.

Meanwhile, Jana is 7 months pregnant and miserable!  She’s gained a ton of weight, and the doctor says she is going to have a very big baby!  She’s still trying to work to make as much money as she can for the baby, but being on her feet is rough!  However, her boyfriend Nathan, who has also been working hard and saving money for the baby, has a surprise for her!  He’s taking her out on a real date with a little of the money he’s worked so hard to earn for his family.  But the date isn’t the only surprise in store!  When Jana orders a pulled pork sandwich, she finds out Nathan doesn’t eat pork, and that’s not all!  He’s Jewish!  Jana realizes she and Nathan really don’t know much about each other. She’s met his family, but still has never been to their house! Regardless, they are able to settle on the name—Kaylee Jade Weinstein.



4. Stand By Me                                                         Thursday, July 24, 2014
Mary Carol asks the girls to take a trip with her to a vacation with her to Florida.  She worked really hard for a long time, and made a lot of money, and now wants to enjoy her life!  The girls are extremely excited, but especially Emma because that’s where her “boyfriend” Luke lives!!!  But when Emma tells Luke she will be coming to Florida in a few weeks, he admits he’s been lying to her. He’s who he says he is—he’s 16, Christian, and loves her—but his name isn’t Luke and he doesn’t live in Florida; he lives in town.  Emma begs her dad to take her to meet him.  She understand she may be disappointed, but she wants to know who this guy who says he loves her is.  Turns out it’s Nathan’s friend, Noah!  He’s been using someone else’s pictures!  They hung out a few times when Allie and Nathan were dating, and he was nice!  But he’s shy and not self-confident. Emma decides to give him a chance.

Noah Gabriel Smith was born on July 10, 1998.  He lives with his father, and his
mom died from cancer.  He is friends with Nathan. 

Meanwhile, Shelley has been seeing a counselor and is coping with the loss of her daughter much better.  However, she still wants another baby.  She was expecting and was prepared for 2 babies, and that is what she wants.  Michael agrees, knowing breastfeeding works as a method of birth control, and she will not stop until Owen is 6 months old, still 3 months away.

Also, Jana and Allie watch a video of child birth.  Allie is astonished, and vows to never have children.  Jana then shows Nathan and Allie shows Ava.  Ava is amazed the body can do that, and Nathan gets queasy.