7.  With a Little Help from My Friends   Tuesday, November 5, 2013   
Since Emma moved in with the McCallums, Jana is feeling a little left out. Emma does everything with McCallums! Goes to church, helps them around the house, eats with them every night! And Jana’s been friends with Allie longer! When Jana brings it up though, Allie feels very bad, and invites Jana to start attending church with them as well, and promises to try to make her feel more included.  Also, after feeling this way for quite a few weeks, and after continuing to spend time with him, Allie tells Nathan she loves him. He doesn’t feel the same, and breaks up with her. Allie is heartbroken, and glad to have both Jana & Emma by her side. Emma is also upset when she gets a letter stating she’s moved away, and has over guardianship to her father and step-mother. However, she is glad for the family, and friends, she does have, and hopes that her mother will realize the error of her ways.  

Additionally, Ava is seeing her psychiatrist twice a week, in addition to a school social worker (Rini Bell), who she likes very much, as needed. She still has days were she doesn’t want to go to school, but they are getting fewer, and she feels safe in the school counselor’s office at school.  However, with the amount of school she’s missed, she’s struggling in school. She doesn’t want a tutor, probably because of the social anxiety, and Shelley isn’t sure what to do. Jana volunteers.

8. Choices                                               Tuesday, November 12, 2013         
Emma catches Jana cutting in the school bathroom.  Emma isn’t sure why Jana would do this, until Jana reveals that her step-dad rapes her. The rest of the episode displays Jana taking action against her rapist, with the help of a school counselor. Jana’s mom says she never knew, and is more than willing to divorce her husband, and do anything she can to keep her daughter safe, including moving in with relatives. At the end of the episode, a doctor that Jana saw for a rape kit reveals that Jana is approximately 16 weeks pregnant, definite evidence to have her step-father arrested. At first Jana believes it is impossible, since she’s never had her period and has no symptoms, but the doctor is sure and tells her it is sometimes hard to tell in overweight girls.  Soon Jana declares she wants an abortion. When Allie, who has been sad over Nathan dumping her, hears the news, she realizes how good her life is.

Shelley also has her first ultrasound, which her husband doesn’t make it to. The doctor suggests Shelley consider her options since the pregnancy was unplanned, and she had the birth control shot, which could harm the baby. Shelley is highly offended since they are Catholic, that anyone could even mention abortion, especially when the doctor measures her at about 9 weeks!