13. Holiday                                                    Friday, December 20, 2013
The McCallum family visits grandma before Emma undergoes her operation to give grandma her kidney.  Mary Carol insists on taking the girls shopping, especially for baby supplies! Mary Carol works hard, and has made a lot of money as a realtor!  Ava asks for a cell phone, particularly because she travels for cheerleading. Though Shelley has resisted getting the girls cell phones, and feels anxious about spending the money, it’s probably time!  The girls will be in high school next year!  Michael also tries to convince his mother to retire from a career in real estate, as he feels it is the main  cause of her high blood pressure that led to the kidney failure.

Meanwhile, left at home and feeling like she’s been abandoned by her friends since she had an abortion, Jana starts seeing Nathan (Allie’s ex boyfriend) and has sex with him after a week of dating at her house, while her mom is working, just 3 weeks after her abortion! Boy will Allie & Emma be surprised when they get home!

14. True Colors                                             Thursday January 2, 2014
The McCallum family is back in Maryland, but Emma is still out of school recovering from her surgery. While home, she looks up her mother online, since she has heard from her, and it’s been over two months! And Emma is shocked by what she finds! Her mother was arrested for prostitution and cocaine possession a few weeks after leaving, and is now in prison after her second arrest for dealing cocaine! You would think Emma would be sad, but she is thankful for she does have, including a healthy grandmother!!!
Meanwhile, at school, Allie finds out about Jana & Nathan, and she’s mad!!! And jealous- a deadly sin! And Jana didn’t even tell her they’re having sex! Jana wonders if their friendship will ever recover.

Also, Ava prepares for a cheerleading competition, but despite her anxiety being better, she is still experiencing stomach aches.  Shelley wants to take her to a doctor, but Ava won’t until after the competition.  Additionally, Shelley starts researching 3 row seating cars to accommodate the twins and her 3 girls.