19.  Let the Games Begin                                       Saturday, March 1, 2014
Shelley and Emma work on the registry for the babies! Shelley cant believe in just over 3 months (due date June 12), she will have two babies!!!  But theres so much they need, and Shelley does know where to start!  Emma is a decision maker though, and decides they should register at Walmart and Amazon.com. She also helps Shelley figure out that a lot of items are unnecessary- bottle warmers, wipe warmers, “boogie wipes”, pacifier wipes, expensive baby clothes, changing tables, rocking chair; they already have a rocking chair!  Also, though baby shoes are adorable, they really aren’t necessary!  They can’t walk until they are 9-12 months! Cribs that convert to toddler and adult beds aren’t as good as they sound! They don’t come with mattresses! Bassinets also don’t last very long, so Emma thinks the convertible Pack and Play Sleeper with bassinet makes the most sense.  Shelley agrees.  They also register for car seats that fit into a double stroller, a movable high chair that can be placed on regular cars, lots of wipes and diapers (a few newborn, then a mix of size 1, 2 and 3), washcloths, “receiving blankets”, and some other necessary items.

Meanwhile, Allie has secretly been spending time with Jana again. They were best friends for a long time, and although Jana is dating her ex, and pregnant at 14, she could use a friend. Especially when the episode displays Jana finding out Nathan’s been lying! Turns out, he’s actually 16! He went to kindergarten late, then was held back! And the reason why is even more shocking! He had a congenital heart disease, and spent most of the year he should have been in kindergarten in the hospital, while when he actually started school, he had a transplant, and was recovering. But ultimately, this ends up working out better for them because Nathan can get a real, good paying job, while still doing online school, though Jana wonders what else he could be lying about!  She’s never been to his house!  Jana calls Allie to tell her, since she left when before Jana discussed his age. Emma finds out, and is very upset! Jana has committed so many sins! Emma ends up calling Allie some names that are not accepted in the McCallum household, resulting in Emma not being allowed to use the internet, or phone,  watch TV, have any friends over, or go anywhere besides school and church for a week, as well as a serious sibling rivalry! 

Nathan Noah Weinstein was born on September 1, 1997, and lives in the city where their school is located. 

Also, since joining cheerleading (and being good at it!), Ava has been becoming popular! After a basketball game, a boy asks her to “go out” with her, and Ava gladly accepts.

Zackary Connor Williams was born December 24, 2004.  He goes to school with
Ava and is Catholic.

20. Name Game                                                      Tuesday, March 11, 2014
After another 30 days of consideration, Shelley reveals the names of the twins! Her son’s name is Owen Ethan McCallum!  Owen was Allie’s pick, and Ethan was Emma’s!  And their daughter’s name is Olivia Ann McCallum—Olivia being Ava and Mary Carol’s supported suggestion.  Owen & Olivia!  How cute is that!
After over a week of not talking to Allie, Emma tries to make it up to her by making her favorite dinner for the family.  Surf & turf!!! Not only are the McCallum cooking skills rubbing off on her, but also the McCallum generosity to some extent! Ava has been doing much better with her stomach aches since going gluten free, but it’s hard to eat no gluten, white potatoes, grains, and refined sugar!   Emma apologizes for calling her names, and still doesn’t support Allie being friends with Jana, just like the rest of the family, but she tries to understand that they have been friends for a long time.  Meanwhile, Jana feels lonely, and like Nathan doesn’t care about the baby.  She calls Allie, making it that much harder for Emma to apologize.