9. It’s the End of the World as We Know It          Wed., Nov. 13, 2013
Shocking news comes to town! Jana’s step-father was found murdered before he could be arrested! Everyone who knew about the rape is a suspect and questioned. Shelley strongly believes that good people doing nothing (“sloth”) is wrong, but Catholicism is clearly against murder.  And she claims she was speaking with her sister, Gabby during the time he was murdered.  Ultimately, it is determined that Jana’s biological father, who is mentally ill, previously controlled by medication, and was supposed to spend Tuesday evening with Jana,  killed him.

10. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (& Michael!)      Wed., Nov. 20, 2013 
Ava has been handling her anxiety much better, but still has problems with some social situations. As a result, her psychiatrist challenges her to join an activity with other people. Her psychiatrist thinks she will realize that not all people are bad, and she may even make some friends. Ava decides to join cheerleading; she used to do gymnastics and loved it, and she’s tiny! Luckily, Ava’s psychiatrist was just right; Ava loves cheerleading, and makes a bunch of new friends, hindering her social anxiety.

Meanwhile, Jana also sees a psychiatrist (Kate Walsh) for her cutting and abuse, and on Friday, Michael takes Emma & Allie on an impromptu trip to visit his mother on Long Island. 

11. Unwell                                                     Monday, December 2, 2013
Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over, Michael reveals the real reason for his impromptu trip to see his mother to Shelley. His mom is having kidney failure, as a result of her long time high blood pressure problem, and is on dialysis. Her condition could be cured with a kidney transplant, but Michael isn’t a match, and she’s the rarest type- AB. Mary Carol didn’t want the girls to get tested before seeing them again, and now requests they don’t get tested at all. She can live for years on dialysis!  Even though it impairs her independence!  But Shelley thinks the girls need to at least know what’s going on, and all three are more than willing to get tested. However, Emma, who the family finds out is terrified of needles, is the only one who’s a match, making a big decision ahead of her! Also, Shelley is upset with Michael for not telling her; it’s a sin!  Additionally, a judge rules Jana’s father is not mentally fit for trial, and he is sent to a mental hospital.

12.  Surprise!                                         Thursday, December 5, 2013
Shelley has her second ultrasound, and she’s glad Michael made it, because he might not believe the news! They’re having twins!!! Luckily the old farmhouse bedrooms can easily fit two kids in one!

Twins run in the family.  Shelley is a  fraternal twin.  Shelley’s mom (who was
killed in a car accident) had 4 older siblings (that were more than 20 years old
than her) —  a set of  identical twins and a set of fraternal twins.

Meanwhile, Allie has been spending time with Jana again, since they’ve been friends for such a long time. However, when Jana mentions she is having an abortion on Friday, Allie’s not sure why she’s wasted her time!  She’s over 19 weeks pregnant & having an abortion!  Despite opposition from Allie’s Catholic family though, Jana cannot bear to be a mother at just 14 years old or live with a constant reminder of her past torture for the next 20 weeks. She is sure about her decision, and will continue to see a counselor for the abuse and the abortion.  Also, Emma decides she will give her grandmother a kidney, if she can spend some more time with her first.