21. Chances                                                                Friday, March 28, 2014
After cheering at an away basketball game, Ava experiences crippling stomach pains– pains so bad that they must go to the emergency room! Shelley explains that this is an ongoing problem, and they need answers! But the doctor, a friend of Michael’s, has a hunch! Turns out Ava has Celiac Disease, a severe allergy to gluten, the protein found in wheat products. Guess Ava shouldn’t have eaten the cookies on the cheerleading / basketball bus, and had pizza at their dinner stop! The doctor explains what happens in the body when gluten is consumed, and that it can cause skin problems, mental illness, growth problems, and weight loss. Ava’s case is somewhat usually since she doesn’t have diarrhea or fatigue, but the tests confirm it! Shelley vows to learn everything she can able Celiac Disease and gluten, and get all the gluten out of the house.
Meanwhile,  Emma goes online looking for new friends, since Allie has Jana, and she really never met any friends of her own since moving to town; she just hung out with Allie’s.  She ends up talking to a cute guy from Florida.  Also, Jana is frustrated that Nathan hasn’t gotten a job yet, but is happy that he is taking a parenting class with her.  However, Jana realizes she knows nothing about babies, and has a lot to learn!  She wonders if she should have considered adoption more. 

22.   Angel                                                                  Saturday, April 12, 2014
At her baby shower, Shelley goes into labor at 31 weeks. After a long and difficult labor, Olivia is stillborn, due to lack of oxygen, and Owen will remain in the hospital for many weeks.  Meanwhile, Nathan got a job in construction that he will start immediately.