3. Life Goes On                                  Monday, September 23, 2013
Despite her pregnancy being unplanned, Shelley is extremely excited about having another baby, and is already starting to get things ready! She never expected to have another baby, so she doesn’t have anything a baby needs, but she is more than willing to figure it out! Baby preparation starts by making a space for baby! Their large 1890s, renovated farmhouse (see SETTING under BACKGROUND) with 3 bedrooms & 2 1/2 bathrooms, an attic, and a basement definitely has enough room; it’s just about figuring out the space! She starts by cleaning and painting the attic and basement. This is the perfect excuse to purge old stuff!  The basement was previously used as an additional living space, but now it will be the main living/family room space, leaving the true living area upstairs as more of a play area! The attic will now be Allie’s new bedroom, and it’s her favorite color- lavender! Allie’s old bedroom will be the baby’s room, but she waiting to find out the gender to decide if it will stay pink, or need to be blue! Shelley will need Michael’s help to move the furniture, but she has a plan in place, and is making progress!

Meanwhile, Shelley’s renovations are frequently interrupted by the school nurse calling her for Ava. Shelley knows she’s there because she’s being bullied, since Ava says she bored as soon as she gets home (the family does not have cable so Shelley & Michael can control what they watch), but Ava is insistent her stomach hurts. Also, a boy Jana barely knows asks her out, and she says no. He then asks Allie out, and although she doesn’t know him, she gives it a shot.