2. Lean on Me                                                       Friday, September 20, 2013

Allie, Emma, & Allie’s long term best friend, Jana, have been getting along great; they are all best friends. So when a class project comes up where they must work in teams of 3, the choice is obvious. The trio ends up working on the project, where they must budget a small amount of money toward a week of groceries, at Allie’s house until after Emma’s mom, who works late, gets out of work. Emma & her mom meet Allie’s dad for the first time. Turns out, Michael knows Emma’s mom very well! He’s Emma’s father she never knew!

Meanwhile, Ava struggles with being bullied. The McCallum family is strongly against bullying, name calling, mean comments and words, like stupid and retarded, and put downs, and if the girls were to do anything in these regards, they would not be allowed to have any friends over, use the computer or phone, or go anywhere besides school and church (“grounded”) for weeks.

Also, Shelley got her IUD out and got the Depo shot on the 5th, and her period was due yesterday. She wonders if she could be pregnant, since she didn’t use a back up birth control method as her doctor said. Turns out, that after 8 ½ years, Shelley is pregnant. But before she can tell Michael, he shares his news. He lost his virginity to Emma’s mom, who worked in food service at his hospital, while he was drunk after his Bachelor party, a few weeks before they got married. Emma’s mom was celebrating her 21st birthday at the same bar, and they went back to her apartment and had sex, creating Emma. Emma’s mom stopped working at the hospital, and he never knew she got pregnant. Shelley, though upset, forgives him because they were not yet married, and because she is now having his child once again. Shelley & Michael have taught their children that married people never fight; they can disagree and discuss, but it should never be loud or threatening, and one must always here the other’s point of view.