4. Don’t Worry, Be Happy                        Thursday, October 3, 2013
Allie & her “boyfriend” Nathan have been “going out” for over a week.  They’ve held hands at school, and hung out with each other’s friends at school and at lunch, but nothing else.  However, Allie likes what she knows of Nathan, so she takes charge and asks him to really go out with her. He says yes, but Shelley has a different idea. Allie is only 13, and Shelley thinks she’s too young to date. Shelley agrees to let Nathan come over, and let them watch a Netflix movie in the new, renovated basement, with her checking on them frequently, but that’s all. Luckily, Nathan is OK with that, and Allie gets her first kiss by the end of the night, and thinks she’s in love. Meanwhile, Ava begins to struggle with anxiety, involving screaming, sobbing, and never wanting to leave the house (when Allie  is at school with Nathan).

5. Fall                                                         Saturday, October 19, 2013
Its fall, and what’s a better fall activity then going to the pumpkin patch & apple picking?! Shelley wanted it to be a family event, including her step-daughter Emma, and Jana, who’s practically family, but Ava refuses, with lots more screaming and sobbing. Luckily, Michael is off from work for the day, and is willing to stay home with her, while the girls have their fun, but this is Michael’s first time seeing Ava’s anxiety, and he realizes she has a serious problem. Despite the challenging start though, Shelley, Allie, Emma, & Jana have a great time, and even get Ava & Michael involved in decorating the pumpkins and a fall photo shoot when they get home. Jana finds out how much she loves being behind the camera, determining the poses the family does.

6.  Don’t Dream It’s Over                         Tuesday, October 22, 2013   
Ava refuses to go to school, and Shelley gets a psychiatrist to make a house call (Stacy Farber with glasses). Though the psychiatrist believes Ava needs counseling, she thinks she also needs medication, and prescribes her Xanax for the short-term, and Prozac for the long term, after diagnosing her with panic disorder and social anxiety. Shelley is a little weary of the medication since her children have never taken something like this before, but Michael convinces her this is a serious problem, and it is vital.  And when she takes the Xanax for the first time, it makes a world of difference. 
Meanwhile, Emma’s mom brings a guy home with her to have sex. This isn’t the first time she does it, but when Emma talks to her mom in the following afternoon (mom’s day off), she tells her she didn’t even know his name. This is the last straw for Emma, and she runs away to the McCallums, and asks if she can move in. When Shelley hears her story, she is more than willing; no child should be exposed to that, but Emma will have to share a room with Allie, have to start going to church, and live by the other house rules. Luckily, Allie thinks it would be like an everyday sleepover, and is very excited about it! Emma is also fine with going to church, since she never had the chance, and definitely doesn’t believe in what her mother’s doing. A discussion about makeup also occurs because Emma was allowed to wear it, and Allie wants to! Shelley agrees as long as it meets her approval daily.  The girls excitedly discuss rearranging and decorating their room. Also, Shelley got the fall photos Jana took developed to display around the house, and Jana has a major talent!